Multi Users - Starting at €25 - Optional add on

Allows you to have multiple accounts to log into your system and manage levels of access for each account.

New staff members can be added with their own username and password to sign in. Staff members can be assigned different staff roles to control what they have access to.

Staff Roles can be created and customized to give Full Access, Read Only or No Access to each section of the website.

Staff Members

Staff Accounts

Add new staff member accounts giving each user their own log in details and access levels.

Staff Roles

Staff Roles

Use staff roles to manage what levels of access staff members have to each section of the website.

Choose between:

  • Full Access - Staff member can view and edit page
  • Read Only - Staff member can view page, but not make any changes
  • No Access - Staff member cannot open page
Staff Access

Control what they see

Assign a role to the staff member, and they will only see the menu items they have access to.

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