Equisoft Clients

“We’ve been using EquisoftLive since 2021 and we are very happy with it. It is a great software, designed by people who understand our day-to-day management and our specific industry needs. Every tool in it makes sense and it’s really easy to use. The customer support is really helpful, and you always have a fast reply.”

Clémentine Ferrier
Ecurie des Monceaux, France

We started using Equisoft at the start of 2022 and couldn’t be happier with the software. It is extremely user-friendly and the Equisoft team offer great support and customer service. The integration with our accounts system is seamless.  We would thoroughly recommend Equisoft as a really efficient and thorough horse management system.

Jan Doyle
Watership Down Stud, United Kingdom | Kiltinan Castle Stud, Ireland

“Equisoft has proven to be an essential part of the daily functioning of our business. Their customer support is second to none and no question is a problem. The packages offered are efficient, with excellent reporting and all systems are user-friendly and easy to access on the go.”

Catherine Magnier
Grange Stud, Ireland

We have been using Equisoft since the beginning of 2022 and find it very useful.  Information is easy to access from anywhere with an internet connection.  The software is easy to use and simplifies the task of record keeping.”

Anthony Rogers
Airlie Stud, Ireland

“Equisoft is a valuable tool to help us stay on top of all our horses. The team is very helpful and willing to listen to feedback. It’s great to have a bloodstock-specific platform that allows us to spend less time trying to fit a square peg into a round hole.”

Jack Cantillon
Syndicates.Racing, Ireland

We’ve been using Equisoft for a number of years and I couldn’t imagine trying to operate without it now. A very user-friendly interface and an ever-evolving dynamic system has made a huge difference in our ability to stay organized in all aspects of running the farm day to day and for client invoicing! It really has been a game changer in terms of administrative efficiency!”

Killian McStay
Oaklawn Stud, Ireland

“We started using EquisoftLive this year. We have found it to be a great system for keeping all of the Horse’s information in one accessible place. The reports are user-friendly for retrieving the information easily and the App is such a useful tool when you are out of the office. I really appreciated the support in setting up the program; the service was extremely efficient and understandable”

Lesley Middlebrook
Wood Farm Stud, UK

“EquisoftLive is a great horse management system. It contains a comprehensive suite of tools that we use daily to manage our bloodstock at Highclere Stud. We use the software to handle management records, pedigrees, invoicing, and nomination contracts. The system is easy to use, with a fantastic support team”

Lorraine Shipton
Highclere Stud, UK
“EquisoftLive is an essential management system for Carriganóg Racing. As the yard grew we knew we’d need a system that could record everything from training routines and veterinary to invoicing. Having all of our information in one place really helps to streamline operations.”
Joseph O’Brien
Carriganóg Racing, Ireland

“I use EquisoftLive to record all of our veterinary, foaling and breeding records along with our general horse records.  I also use the system to process all of our billing. The system is easy to use and has the added benefit that we can access all of our records remotely.”

Jo Muir
Heatherwold Stud, UK

“We’ve been working with Equisoft since 2010 and recently started using EquisoftLive. The system helps us to manage all of our horse records, billing, stallion management and horses in training. It’s a great system that ticks all the right boxes” 

Jane Foley
Ballyhane Stud, Ireland

“I have been a customer of Equisoft since 2002 and currently use EquisoftLive to help manage my stud farm and bloodstock services. The system does everything I need it to do. Equisoft are constantly investing into the system, with new features that really add value.”

Philipp Graf Stauffenberg
Stauffenberg Bloodstock - Schlossgut Itlingen, Germany

“We use EquisoftLive to manage all the day-to-day activity with the racehorses. The system is comprehensive with excellent reporting ability” 

J S Bolger
Glebe House, Ireland 

“We use EquisoftLive to manage all of our horse records at the stud. The software is easy to use and the customer support is great. Being able to access all of our information from any location is a great benefit”

Emilie Heyligen
Haras de Montfort & Préaux, France

“We use EquisoftLive  to record all of the horse activity and billing in the yard. The system has everything we need, is easy to use and the support is great. The fact that we can use it remotely and access it from our mobiles is a great help”

Denis Hogan Racing
Denis Hogan Racing, Ireland 

“We were using the Equisoft standard system for 20 years and then moved to EquisoftLive a couple of years ago. The system plays a large role in the day-to-day management of the farm and we’d be lost without it”

Patrick Wynn Jones
Barnane Stud, Ireland

“I’ve been using EquisoftLive since 2011, to manage all my bloodstock records. I find the system easy to navigate and have peace of mind knowing that all my records are stored securely in one place.”

Charlie Wyatt
Dukes Stud, UK 

“I use EquisoftLive to record all the day-to-day horse activity and billing within the racing yard. The software is user-friendly and efficient, with great customer support, which is essential in a busy yard. An added benefit is that all of our information is stored securely online, which means I can access it from any location“ 

Willie McCreery
Rathbride Stables, Ireland

“We have been using EquisoftLive for almost 8 years now and find the system simple and very user friendly. We use the system to record all horse management information including client billing, as well as to record all covering information and reproductive work. This allows us to easily access a wide range of information on our bloodstock, from virtually anywhere in the world all from one place”

Kevin Sommerville
Drakenstein Stud Farm, South Africa

“Global Equine Group use Equisoft Live to manage horses worldwide on behalf of our clients, with resounding success…no other product on the market comes close to the benefits of Equisoft Live”  

Adam J. Driver, BVSc, CertVR, MRCVS Managing Director
Global Equine Group Ltd., UK

“I have been using EquisoftLive for years and I find it an invaluable tool, with great customer support. The software makes recording and planning a lot easier, plus I use the stallion management and billing tools to keep on top of the commercial business”  

David Stack
Coolagown Stud, Ireland

“We use EquisoftLive to manage all of our horse records and billing at the stud. The team at Equisoft are always really quick to respond to support queries and have made some changes to the billing system to ensure that it’s compatible with our requirements in France” 

Haras de Coulonces/Team Högdala, France 

Ardenode Stud have been using EquisoftLive for years and find it excellent.  The software makes recording and planning a lot easier and the support team are excellent, the diary setting is a very useful tool to keep on top of routine vaccination and procedures etc. all easily displayed on the dashboard.“ 

Eileen McEnroe
Ardenode Stud, Ireland 

“We have been using EquisoftLive for the last couple of years and it has become a valuable asset for the day-to-day running of the stud. We find it very user-friendly and makes planning, record keeping and billing so much easier. We couldn’t do without it!” 

Josh Schwartz
C&S Bloodstock Ltd, UK

“With no comparable equine management software available in Germany, Equisoft has provided us with a great tool to keep track of all of our bloodstock. It is reliable, efficient and very easy to use. I couldn’t imagine working without it anymore.”

Stefanie Fuchs
Gestüt Ammerland, Germany

“We use EquisoftLive to manage all our records and billing at the stud. We’re very happy with the system and have no hesitation recommending it” 

Michael Moore
Ballinacurrig House Stud, Ireland  

“We’ve been working with Equisoft since 2013 and currently use EquisoftLive to manage all of our daily record keeping, including veterinary and vaccinations. We also use the billing and stallion management tools to manage our stallion roster. It’s a great system” 

John Flood
Boardsmill Stud, Ireland

“We have been using EquisoftLive since it was launched and I find it extremely helpful to access all the Equisoft functions remotely while at the sales such as billing, stallion statistics, pedigrees and returns. The team at Equisoft are continuously innovating their offering and are client focused; this year they added a sales feature for yearling videos and videos to link to our website.”

Madeline Burns
Rathasker Stud, Ireland

“EquisoftLive plays an important role in the management of our horse records at Blue Diamond Stud. The system is user friendly and helps to keep the stud office running efficiently”  

Blue Diamond Stud, UK 

“Luckily I have used EquisoftLive for my whole time here at the Stud. It’s easy to use and it makes an awful lot of information very simple and concise. It’s a brilliant tool and I really would not want to be without it”

Suzy Makai
Hesmonds Stud, UK

“We use EquisoftLive to manage all our stock at Tinnakill House. The software provides all the necessary features for a busy commercial farm. One of the key benefits of the system is the ability to access all our information on any device, from any location. The team at Equisoft are always looking at ways to improve the system and are open to client suggestions”

Dermot Cantillon
Tinnakill House, Ireland

“We’ve been using Equisoft systems since 2009 and in recent years we switched over to EquisoftLive. It is an essential management tool for us that handles all our horse records and client invoicing. The system is practical, with flexible reporting, which makes it easy to get the relevant information we require. Overall, we find the system accurate and efficient which is vital, especially during the breeding season. Equisoft is quick to respond to queries and their support is top notch”

John Koster
Klawervlei Stud, South Africa

“We’ve been using EquisoftLive for a number of years now. The system is designed in a way that makes it easy to input information and create relevant reports. EquisoftLive does everything we need at Rosewell Racing and we have no hesitation in recommending it to other trainers”

Dermot Weld
Rosewell Racing, Ireland

“I’ve been using EquisoftLive for years and find it really efficient for managing all records and billing at the yard. The dashboard allows us to quickly access routine information without being overcomplicated. Overall, the system is intuitive to use with the added bonus of being able to log in and access info from any device and location”

Johan Janse Van Vuuren
Janse Van Vuuren Racing, South Africa

“We have been using the EquisoftLive system for over five years now. It quickly became and essential tool used to aid the day-to-day management of the farm. The detailed but easily navigated user interface makes record keeping quick and efficient with all information readily available while on the move”

James Butler
Paca Paca, Japan

“We have been using Equisoft software for almost 20 years. We currently use EquisoftLive to record all our horse management records and invoicing at the stud. The system is user-friendly and the Equisoft team are always on hand to provide support if needed. It is an essential tool for our stud office, which guarantees everything runs as smoothly as possible.”

Norelands Stud, Ireland

“EquisoftLive is a comprehensive management system which we use daily at the stud. The system is easy to use and provides flexible reporting, which keeps the stud office running really efficiently”

Lorna Fowler
Rahinston Stud, Ireland

“EquisoftLive is an essential tool for us at the stud. We offer a range of services including stallion management, boarding, sales preparation, and consignment. Using EquisoftLive to manage all our records allows us to work more efficiently”

Linda Coffey
Oak Lodge & Springfield House Stud, Ireland

“We have been using Equisoft since the company started in business and it has been wonderful to watch the company grow during this time. We use a lot of features on the system mainly the recording of all our horse activity and billing on the farm. It is invaluable during the breeding season with its online access – it is my right arm!”

Beverley O’Keeffe
Abbeville Stud, Ireland

We have been using Equisoft for many years and find it invaluable for the day to day running of the Stud to manage the horse and billing records.  There is always a friendly and knowledgeable member of staff at Equisoft to help should we require assistance.”

Katherine Theobald
Lavington Stud, UK

“Carisbrooke Stud has been using EquisoftLive for a number of years. The system allows us to seamlessly record all our veterinary, foaling and breeding records, as well as generating invoices. I find the system easy to navigate with the added benefit of being able to access our records remotely.”

Jane Grassick
Carisbrooke Stud, UK

“We use EquisoftLive daily to manage our horse records. The system is easy to use, and it really helps to keep the stud office running efficiently”  

Nicole Brown
Valachi Downs, New Zealand

“We have been using Equisoft for over 20 years and find it an invaluable tool for managing the stud. We rely on it daily from printing door cards to providing detailed horse histories, and we would be lost without the billing facility. In all these years it has never let us down.” 

Ruth Johnson
Kirtlington Stud, United Kingdom

“EquisoftLive is an efficient horse management system that allows us to track our daily management records. The system is really easy to use with flexible reporting; it has everything we need!” 

Sinead Whelan
Forenaghts Stud, Ireland

“Millbry Hill Stud has been operating since 2020, and EquisoftLive has quickly become an essential management tool for us. We use it daily to manage all our horse records and invoicing at the farm. The system was easy to use from the onset, with exceptional support, and we’d highly recommend it!” 

Emma Jones
Millbry Hill Stud, UK 

“We’ve been using Equisoft software since 2003 and find it excellent. We use the standard system to handle stallion contracts, invoicing and daily management records. The software is an essential management system for us, and we take comfort in knowing that it comes fully supported, especially during the busy breeding season.”

Jo Brown
Overbury Stud, UK 

“We have been using EquisoftLive for several years now. It is a very beneficial addition to our recording system where all our horse information, updates and any procedures that are related to the day-to-day management of the animal’s health and well-being are securely kept for future reference. The platform is very easy to use, so much so that I can even navigate it.”

Kieran Lalor
Meadow Court Stud, Ireland 

“I have been using EquisoftLive for several years and find it very helpful for managing our horse records, billing, and nominations. Overall, the system is easy to use and the support team are always on hand to help if needed.” 

Con O'Keeffe
 Kilbarry Lodge Stud, Ireland

“EquisoftLive helps us to streamline our recordkeeping and invoicing and I’d have no hesitation in recommending it to other breeders” 

James Hanly
Ballyhimikin Stud, Ireland

“We use EquisoftLive for our horse records and billing. The system is easy to use with lots of features and a helpful support team. It’s an invaluable management tool for any stud” 

Claire Parsons
Cayton Park Stud, UK 

“We have been working with Equisoft for several years and recently converted from the standard system to EquisoftLive. Converting systems was straightforward enough; the Equisoft team took care of everything. Overall, the system is easy to use with the added benefit of now having access to our records from any device and location”  

Corina Broderick
The Beeches Stud, Ireland

“EquisoftLive is an essential management tool for us. We use the system to manage everything, from veterinary work and vaccinations to client billing. The system has everything we need for a busy racing yard”

Ross O’Sullivan
Ross O’Sullivan Racing, Ireland

“EquisoftLive helps us to manage everyday records like vet work, farrier etc. It’s really useful to have all our records in one secure location. We also use the dedicated client portal which is a really efficient way to share relevant information with owners” 

Tony Watkins
Watkins Bloodstock, Swordlestown Stud, Ireland

“We’ve been using EquisoftLive since 2016 and it handles all of our horse records and billing. The system is easy to use and has everything we need to run the farm efficiently. There isn’t a better system out there”

Oghill House Stud, Ireland

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