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Equisoft was founded in 1991 with the purpose of developing software systems for the bloodstock market. Our professional staff have a unique mix of software systems and equine expertise and we take pride in our association with the leaders of all sectors of the horse industry worldwide.

Our Horse Management System has formed the cornerstone of our software portfolio since start-up. It has become the industry leader in horse and bloodstock management and is trusted by the biggest names in the industry.


With EquisoftLive you only pay for the features you want. Every package includes the Standard and you can then choose which add-ons you need. The Standard package includes two user logins for the account.

Use the checkboxes to see how much your package will cost. All prices listed are per month and exclude VAT.

Package Price (p/m)
Standard (Required for all packages; includes two user logins) €55 Details
Vet App Free Details
Billing €45 Details
Racing €20 Details
Stallion Management €30 Details
Client Portal €20 Details
25 Details
Save 10% on Annual Subscription
Package Value Monthly Price Annual Price Annual Savings
600 50 540 60
Prices listed exclude VAT

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EquisoftLive is a horse management system that you can use on the internet. This means that you can access the horse information you need on any computer or mobile device once you have a web connection.

EquisoftLive Overview

EquisoftLive is a horse management system that you can use on the internet. This means that you can access the horse information you need on any computer or mobile device once you have a web connection.

With EquisoftLive you can easily keep track of all your important horse information and related costs. Once entered into your own private database, invoices can be produced in seconds taking into account split ownership, keep rate changes and lots more variables.

“EquisoftLive is an essential management system for Carriganóg Racing. As the yard grew we knew we’d need a system that could record everything from training routines and veterinary to invoicing. Having all of our information in one place really helps to streamline operations.”
Joseph O’Brien
Carriganóg Racing, Ireland

“I use EquisoftLive to record all of our veterinary, foaling and breeding records along with our general horse records.  I also use the system to process all of our billing. The system is easy to use and has the added benefit that we can access all of our records remotely.”

Jo Muir
Heatherwold Stud, UK

“I have been a customer of Equisoft since 2002 and currently use EquisoftLive to help manage my stud farm and bloodstock services. The system does everything I need it to do. Equisoft are constantly investing into the system, with new features that really add value.”

Philipp Graf Stauffenberg
Stauffenberg Bloodstock - Schlossgut Itlingen, Germany

“We use EquisoftLive to manage all the day-to-day activity with the racehorses. The system is comprehensive with excellent reporting ability” 

J S Bolger
Glebe House, Ireland 

“We use EquisoftLive  to record all of the horse activity and billing in the yard. The system has everything we need, is easy to use and the support is great. The fact that we can use it remotely and access it from our mobiles is a great help”

Denis Hogan Racing
Denis Hogan Racing, Ireland