Racing - €20 - Optional add on

The EquisoftLive Race module is ideally suited for Training Yards or the management of Owners Racehorse portfolios.

As Race results are entered they can be reflected back to the Dam of the horse if registered within the EquisoftLive database.

Features include:

  • Full Race Records
  • Extensive Race Results Lists with Excel Export
  • Daily Training Scheduler with Lists of Lots
  • Handicap Records
  • Full Trainer/Jockey & Racecourse Info
  • Racing Dataview for customised Excel Reporting

Race Details

Race Details

Full race records including:

  • Racecourse
  • Entries
  • Results
  • Notes

Extensive Race Lists are available with Excel Export and a Racing Dataview for customised Excel Reporting.

Jockey Details

Jockeys, Trainers and Racecourses

Record and manage Information for:

  • Jockeys
  • Trainers
  • Racecourses
Handicap Ratings

Handicap Ratings

Easily keep track of Handicap Ratings


Training Schedule

Daily Training Scheduler with Lists of Lots.

Plan training in advance and easily copy sets of work from day to day.

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